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  1. Matt G

    Minimum Grades?

    Hello @Davin M, Unfortunately, CSG does not currently over this service but it may be added in the future. Thank you
  2. Matt G

    Mixed submission

    Hello @JJrad, Thank you for your question. If your submission form contains multiple tiers or services, please make sure that your cards are in order as they appear on the packing list. You can choose the subgrade option when adding cards to your cart. Please note that if you choose 5 cards for Economy and 5 cards for Economy w/Subgrades, these are considered different services and it will cause the cards to be split onto two invoices and will be shipped back to you separately.
  3. Hello @mrmagoo, CSG is in the process of developing holders for thicker and oversized cards and we hope to launch them in the coming weeks. Until then, CSG only has one holder size and must limit the cards it can grade. Please find the link below for more details.
  4. Hello @coinstudentdeadeye, Yes, as long as your package contains an EX or WK submission you can write EX/WK on all sides of the box.
  5. Hi @jsrva, USPS typically takes 3-7 business days. Severe weather or high volume along the way can delay packages in extreme circumstances.
  6. Hello @Jason Rothe, CSG only grades sports cards. Our affiliate, CGC Trading Cards currently grades Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering but may expand in the future.
  7. Please find the careers page below.
  8. Hello @B-Boy Sports Cards, Thank you for your post. The card details will be updated once our graders have the card in hand. The scheduled for grading process means that the card details are being entered into the system but have yet to be placed in front of the graders which will make a final determination.
  9. Hello @kled2000, Thank you for your post. The steps in the process can vary depending on the grading tier chosen. Each tier will have a different estimated turnaround time. Some steps of the process may take a bit longer than others so we are not able to provide a specific answer.
  10. Matt G


    Hello @7Snookers, Thank you for your message. CSG recommends that submitters use card sleeves and semi-rigid card holders to submit their cards for certification. Each card should be individually placed inside of a card sleeve, which should then be placed inside of a semi-rigid card holder. CSG does not accept cards submitted in holders commonly called “top loaders” because they can easily damage cards. If a card is submitted in a top loader, CSG will not be liable for any damage caused either by the top loader or by CSG’s removal of the card from the top loader. For the best supplies to
  11. Hello @FCT4NYI, The upgrade includes an additional $150 grading credit, therefore it charges near the full amount. It also extends your membership for one year from the upgrade date. Thank you
  12. Hello @coinstudentdeadeye, Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, we do not have an answer to your question. CSG plans to release a population report in the near future which will allow collectors to look up these details.
  13. Hello @oompa, Thank you for your post. Please log into your account and click on the person/figure in the top right corner, then click on "My Submissions." Once on the My Submissions page, click on the "View Status" under the submission tracking section. It will list your submissions along with their status. Click on the specific submission number and you should see the details including grades.
  14. Matt G

    Submission kit

    Hello @KLWalden, Thank you for your post. The shipping kits can take about 3-5 business days to be processed. You will receive an automated email with the tracking number once it ships.
  15. Hello @Jeremy Amundson, You can ship multiple CSG packing lists (submission) in one inbound package. Please note that the submissions will be returned separately when completed.