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  2. you will ask psa 10 price, they will offer psa 9 money. make your counteroffer and see what happens, everybuyer is different. most will go up a little
  3. They walked that back a while ago I believe. It's now from delivery date. Not that it matters much when it starts. Mine was delivered 4/2, "received" 5/24, still hasn't hit G/QC. Seems FIFO might be questionable.
  4. The second half of the month of September will bring plenty of football products to market as the regular season hits its stride. Multiple basketball card releases are coming, too. Here’s a quick roundup, featuring some popular, high end and even borderline iconic products that arrive in the next couple of weeks. READ MORE
  5. Just got wind of the grades. Duncan got a 9.5 Jordan's got a 8 and a 9. Pretty happy with them.
  6. It shouldn't take too much longer from here. I got my 3/30 bulk back in my hands this past Monday. I think you'll be happy with the product. Unless you're a seller......
  7. That's closer to 74 business days. It's my understanding the date the clock starts is when it is marked received, so the 6/4 date would start the count.
  8. For those wondering about time frame, here's how my order has progressed thus far.: 50 Card Bulk Delivered to SGC 04/05/21 Marked as received by SGC 06/04/21 Enters G/E/I stage on 06/18/21 Enters grading/quality control 09/16/21 Will update when it moves to stage 437 of the 982 stage process. Turnaround times were projected at 90 business days when they received. It has now been 119 business days. Don't get your hopes up
  9. Express order, 2 cards sent to CSG on 8/13 Received 8/17 Entered into system 8/18 Scheduled for grading 8/18-8/30 Grading/Encapsulation 8/30 Grading/Quality check 8/30-9/14 Shipped 9/15 Received 9/16 So door to door from CSG door back to mine in 1 months time for a express order. Here’s one of the cards. The other one is a Ichiro Bowman Chrome Rookie. Couldn’t attach because reply limitations
  10. I was thinking about that since I have no love for PSA. I should help the FBI any way that I can.
  11. I would imagine they're being more careful about it right now while they're under investigation by the FBI for ignoring it.
  12. Send them to PSA to be graded, then drop shipped to your PWCC Vault to be auctioned by PWCC. Neither PSA nor PWCC care about trimmed cards.
  13. I haven't received any altered/trimmed back, but those are the kind of cards I'd enter on and trade away.
  14. My standard/economy order. Only 6 cards but I sent just before they noted to mark on the box ST/EC so it was just sitting with the bulk orders until checked in. Delivered 7/6 Received 9/14 Scheduled for Grading 9/15
  15. Express order Received 8/24/21 Shipped 9/16/21 Customer service reached out because there was a glitch with payment so I had to manually provide CC info. Polite, responsive, satisfied customer!
  16. This Topps Now card captures a striking moment in Haaland’s already exciting career. Erling Haaland made a huge splash in the Bundesliga when he came off the bench in the second half of an away game against FC Augsburg and proceeded to score a hat trick within 23 minutes. He is quickly becoming the face of a younger generation of international players. Certified Sports Guaranty™ (CSG®) graded this 2020 Topps Now #44 Erling Haaland a Pristine 10, with sub-grades of 10 for Centering, Corners and Edges. A sub-grade of 9.5 for the Surface is the only thing that kept this card from receiving the prestigious “Perfect 10” grade. READ MORE
  17. I was curious to what everyone does with their altered and trimmed cards? Do you throw them away, give them away, trade them away, send them to another grading company and hope for the best or etc.?
  18. Well, I hope you guys go with the Collectors Society registry format. I think it's the most concise, competitive and fun registry out there.
  19. @Shockmaster Right now there has been no details revealed in regards to the upcoming registry. I will post any updates or information as soon as I receive them. Thank you.
  20. Anyone know the comps on how well the CSG 9.5 do compared to psa 9 or psa10?
  21. Will the registry be the same format as the other Collectors Society registries?
  22. The new ESPN documentary on the 1986 New York Mets is coming with a set of baseball cards. READ MORE
  23. In the world of baseball card collecting, few sets are as cherished as the one released in 1933 by Goudey Gum Company of Boston. The 240-card set includes more than 60 cards that feature hall of famers, several of whose names have become synonymous with the sport of baseball. Certified Sports Guaranty® (CSG™) recently graded six of the 1933 Goudey cards, including four Babe Ruth cards that continue to be top finds for any collector. The other two cards graded by CSG feature Lou Gehrig. Together, the six represent the most valuable of the original 1933 Goudey Set, demanding thousands of dollars per card in any condition. READ MORE
  24. Certified Sports Guaranty® (CSG™) recently certified two rare basketball cards featuring Michael Jordan, whom many regard as the sport's greatest player of all time. Each is easily worth thousands of dollars. READ MORE
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