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  2. I'm getting the feeling that express-level work is likely now around 6 months at most grading companies, and economy/bulk at 1-2 years. Just a guess from all info I see out there.
  3. Thanks for the comparison. It becomes so much more clearer when you have this kind perspective.
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  5. I mailed a bulk submission on February 16 and it took the post office 2 weeks to deliver. Package was delivered March 1 and was then entered into the CSG system as “Received” on March 8. Status changed to “Scheduled for Grading” on March 26. I received an email asking for my credit card information on April 1 and my card was charged on April 2 but the submission still shows as “Scheduled for Grading” BGS 30 day order-Received by BGS on July 24, 2020. I received email stating BGS received order on November 3, 2020. On March 18, 2021, my account on Beckett’s website shows “Invoice Creat
  6. I think some degree of customization options would be popular with people and no real reason not to offer it. I'm sure it will be a while before csg and other grading companies can get out of the backlog they are facing and focus on innovating like that. HGA does offer quite a few label choices, I think others will follow eventually with options.
  7. This was one of my packages. Arrived at CSG, was signed for. March 24th, bulk, 50 card order. Still not in system. Shows that CSG has not received any packages in 3 months. I have 250 cards(5 orders) there now. 0 are in system. Gonna send in some today that are express to see if they get back before these are even started.
  8. USPS delivery date was 3/6 Entered in system 4/2 Updated status for scheduled for grading 4/12
  9. My unlimited walkthrough package was received on 4/8 and it was entered in the system on 4/12. This was good news to me considering they are probably dealing with a massive amount of packages. My bulk submission was received 3/30 and has not been checked in yet. I’ll provide further updates for you all to compare.
  10. I'm also asking about the Earl Monroe or this Jerry West card. Will those oversized cards also be accepted for grading? Thanks in advance, Jim
  11. That's a nice looking card. We are working to be able to accept the thick cards. We will make an announcement when we do.
  12. Thank you for your question. We will make an announcement when we start accepting thick card submissions.
  13. I understand the excitement! We are still working on it and we will make an announcement when we will start grading the thick cards.
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  15. As someone who also collects NGC coins, I love what the sister company of CSG does with the different colored inserts. One thing I do like about SGC is the black insert, but not all cards look good with it. I wish CSG would offer somewhere down the road to an insert option. They could charge and extra $5 or so. Am I crazy in thinking this, or would anyone else be interested in this?
  16. Is it just me, or do the labels need a bit of work when it comes to aesthetic appeal? I love the clear plastic and overall look of the slab, but the label seems like a mess. If it were up to you, what changes would you make to the label?
  17. I agree that they are not going to overtake PSA in the near future, but I could see them overtaking BGS in the near future and forcing the two big dogs into some innovation.
  18. I was doing SGC. I do a lot of vintage in my own collection, and I love their black inserts. But this increase is not affordable for my collection, which I was funding through selling slabs of cards I don't collect. I believe that CSG will soon overtake them for market share in modern cards. $75 a card is not affordable for most cards.
  19. I have not done BGS, but I am going to send in some SGC and see how it goes. If it goes well and the CSG resale gets on par with BGS, I'll probably move them over too.
  20. I collect NGC cons and PMG banknotes. They have done a great job of gaining market share in other collectables. I don't see them overtaking PSA any time soon, but it would not surprise me if in two years they overtaken BGS.
  21. I collect Basketball and Football. Basketball: John Stockton, 92 Dream Team, And ABA Utah Stars. Football Jerry Rice and old school 49ers.
  22. I've been watching ebay and have noticed a general uptick in what CSG cards are going for. With all the other companies having delays and price hikes, I think the trend will continue. I would be shocked if CSG does not overtake SGC in market share for modern cards over the next few months.
  23. How important do you think subgrades are? Has anyone noticed if CSG cards with subgrades are selling for more than those without? As a collector, I personally would rather have them on the label of the cards in my collection. For me it reduces the mystery of what is right or wrong with the card, and the labels without subgrades have a huge empty space. The question is; is it worth the extra money for cards you plan on selling?
  24. Yes I've sent 2 my first has been atleast 3 weeks and not showing up
  25. Was about to submit my first number of cards to be graded by CSG. Was looking to have a 1993 Topps #98 Derek Jeter card graded. Interesting, the pulldown for the card number goes #1 to #97 (skips # 98 the Jeter card) and picks back up at #99. Does this mean the card cannot be graded? I don't see it on the cards we do not grade list. Any thoughts?
  26. I had the same “oversize” slapped on a 2020 Joe Burrow Rookies & Stars auto...go figure Not happy
  27. I am happy to hear that, I sent mine on March 29 with fedex, it was delivered and signed for on March 31. Hopefully will get entered by the end of next week.
  28. Greetings, I'm putting together another submission which will include thicker cards. Will this size / type of card be graded by CSG when the April upgrade in services is announced?? Thanks in advance. Jim
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