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  3. its probably going to be a little higher than their walkthrough from what Im hearing from my LCS's that attends the nationals basing on PSA. They say its not even worth it to fall in line for PSA you'll be paying way lot more than super express unless you're wanting something really $$$$$ graded.
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  5. "It’s official! Certified Sports Guaranty® (CSG™) is attending the National Sports Collectors Convention, taking place July 28-August 1, 2021, in Chicago . . . On-site grading – Get your cards authenticated, graded and encapsulated at the show. See details below. Space is limited, so submit early." I sure hope efforts are being made to have their backlog of orders caught up before this show. For my two month order that is waiting to get checked in SHOULD be in front of the line of anyone at the show.
  6. I received an email yesterday that my bulk order has been shipped. Shows it is being shipped via FedEx and expected to be delivered in 2 days. However, when I check the tracking, it only shows that the "label has been created", so it hasn't actually shipped yet. We'll see if it arrives in 2 days or not. Glad to finally see some movement with the order, but also just ready for this fiasco to be done. 😂 Looking forward to not submitting any cards to any grading service for well over a year.
  7. Soooo... I emailed CSG support and they wrote back and said there actually IS a tracking number for Registered Mail. They provided me with the #. My package is chilling 100 miles north of me at the moment. Hopefully in-hand later this week.
  8. Has anyone heard what their onsite grading fees will be ?
  9. For anyone else looking, found this discussion, which is at least more involved and has some citations. TL;DR; There is no consensus... but two basic camps 1. CSG has said turnaround time start when a package is delivered to their facility. This would make the most sense and is listed on the site in several places. 2. That's impossible, because it's not what's happening, so it must start when orders are entered into their system. Turnaround times seem to match if the date an order is entered into the system is used as a start. This still doesn't explain what "Now Opening" means
  10. Waiting on pop reports cmon they can’t even stick to the extended return times — 3 cards rec’vd 3/25 still not graded— 4/13 5 cards still not in system — pop reports at the earliest 2022 along with the coming soon “ thicker card cases”
  11. I appreciate the reply. Just to be clear, I haven't submitted anything yet. I joined, and I'm just trying to decide what cards, and how many, to submit. How the tiers play out in terms of turnaround time are a big part of that decision. If the turnaround time starts when the package is received, which is how I read it as well, what does the "now opening" date mean then? Would they even know what tier it is before opening?
  12. sgc knows whats its doing cureently esp with turn around time , i wish they were a tad cheaper but ill take my cards back in 7 to 10 days vs 40 plus weeks (sub know now at bulk it will march or april before you geth them back smh) , once psa opens back up you will see turn around time get better as ppl will go back to them , csg to me has dropped the ball on many levels and i just want my cards back , been waiting since march19th
  13. same here. CSG has been in possession of my cards for over 2 months without them even being marked as received. I hope they are actually hiring lots of help and soon the pace will pick up considerably. I'm not sure how SGC can shut down for a month and go from severe backlogs to 1 week turn around and CSG can't do the same thing
  14. It’s official! CSG is attending the National Sports Collectors Convention, taking place July 28–August 1, 2021, in Chicago. This is CSG’s first appearance at the National, in what may be the most highly anticipated sports card convention ever. After the annual event had to be cancelled last year, collectors and dealers are returning in a sports card market that is on fire. From CSG email....
  15. Something has happened. I sent in 22 bulk orders, 2 per week and there has been zero progress on anything - Zero updates to any kind of status change since 6/5/2021. I received my first order back, partially on 6/18/2021. First 7 submissions were falling in to place, than fill stop on everything. 1006 6/5/21 50 601
  16. according to the site the turn around times is supposed to start when your cards are delivered to them , they dropped the ball with yours , id call the customer service number and speak to them directly but expect them to give you the same -script they give most ppl
  17. Pretty much just the title. Now opening date is April 5th right now. Current turnaround for Standard Service is 47 business days (!!!!)... April 5th was seventy-something days ago, so even just business days would be in the 50 day range and longer than Standard turnaround estimate and not leaving much time in the Economy tier (61 days)... So is the process... Received -> Opened (after 70 days) -> Turnaround Clock starts (Standard tier ~47 days) -> Return Shipping... so 4-5 months. Or is the "Now Opening" date just for bulk? Or some tier and below? I did a quick sear
  18. My 2nd economy order was received 5/1 and is still in Scheduled for Grading. My first economy was mailed out 3 days before the second, and that order was shipping back to me on 6/1. Things have ground to a halt it seems
  19. thats a long time they sat but on the site it says this Posted on 5/6/2021 Turnaround times begin when submissions arrive at our facility.
  20. My 2 bulks order have finally hit the system. it took a little under 3 months from when they received the cards. Now the 200 day turn around time. any thoughts on how the industry can improve on the 8-12 turn around times?
  21. i was looking up other csg cards he has listed for sale and they dont show up either . ebay seller name is ekrog_cards
  22. i saw that as well , item cannot be found
  23. If your online submission form was completed on April 27, it will still qualify for the old rates as long as the package is delivered to CSG by June 28.
  25. I received my 204 card submittion back last week. 11 were unable to be graded due to thickness. I had submitted at a show on 2/26. Was happy to get them back, even with the ungraded ones.
  26. well, looks like CSG will be at the nationals.
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