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No update on any subs to CSG.

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Have 4 there now, all bulk sub stuff. I know they were all received.  Nothing entered into system yet. Have another 200 ready to ship in but concerned about turn time. Plus I want to see what resell value is gonna be on these.  Have some really big cards that need graded, but I know grading is tougher, which is okay, but don't want to take hit on resell of per say 2016 Bowman Chrome Tatis. I imagine they are super backed up already. 

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April 15, still nothing entered.. still on this sad screen. Have 7 orders there now, and have 2 more ready to go. Would like to see something returned, so I can tell if my return on investment is worth it. Plus, would like to know how CSG grades, so I can develop my own strategy on what to send, and if sub-grades really matter. 

Have 2000 cards or more to grade from all years of collecting, and to fill in my case at Antique Mall Shop, but can't do more until I get something back from CSG. At least get something entered. Cards were signed for on March 24th. 

I have seen posts on Facebook of people getting subs back that were sent in after mine, because they sent 1 card via Express. That allowed them to put "EX" on box, and skip the line with their bulk orders. So will start doing that too. Kinda like a Fast Pass at Disney I guess. ?? 

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Still nothing entered into the system. Package was signed for on March 25th at CSG. No updates. Have 400+ cards there and more to go but until I at least get something entered into system, I am not sending anymore. Frustrating part is that I have seen online in Facebook groups, of people sending in 1 card for express, and their bulk orders getting moved to front of the line as well. So basically for $40, their whole bulk orders are being pushed up. Which in my opinion is not fair. 

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