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Outlandish predictions, hot takes and overreactions after week 1 NFL

Herbert didnt skip a beat and will be AFC west champion this season.  Carr will see his last start for the Raiders this year as they miss playoffs.  Mahomes still wont win another superbowl as i stated last year. Burrow will light it up after a very subpar performance. Tee Higgens will be a great add in fantasy. Trevor Lawrence will settle in to his role as NFL QB 1 and lead the jags to a wild card if not the division.  Mac Jones will sophomore slump. Tua will have over inflated passing yards. a


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Update- 5/4

0 cards back. I do have 3 in que. No action on any of them 1 bulk, 1 standard,  1 express.  The express order has been sitting there for 7 days, nothing done. Sent in more since first post. Just sent in an Unlimited Walk through, just so I can actually see a real, in person slab. Smh... fresh pulled Jordan Ntense card.  Card is at facility,  even though shown as not delivered yet.  Pics of card and USPS posted. CSG tracker link is useful.  Not accurate at all, I know package is there. CSG employ


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No update on any subs to CSG.

Have 4 there now, all bulk sub stuff. I know they were all received.  Nothing entered into system yet. Have another 200 ready to ship in but concerned about turn time. Plus I want to see what resell value is gonna be on these.  Have some really big cards that need graded, but I know grading is tougher, which is okay, but don't want to take hit on resell of per say 2016 Bowman Chrome Tatis. I imagine they are super backed up already. 


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The NFL Legal Troubles Collection

The NFL Legal Troubles Collection focuses on chase autograph cards that I pick up of NFL players past and present, alive and deceased, incarcerated, acquitted, paroled, or agreed to a plea bargain that found themselves on the wrong side of the law.  The card I own will be showcased along with my commentary as well as the wikipedia entry detailing their actions that led to be part of this club. Enjoy and feel free to comment.  Aaron Hernandez  OJ Simpson Rae Caruth