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Gonna keep track of my subs here- Want to track them, and see what I get back. Want to see what my cost, and ROI is for these cards with CSG. Most of these are not PC cards. At present time, I have 2400 cards at PSA, and most won't be back for months..and months. Almost 1000+ not even logged in yet. With that decided to try CSG. I like the look of frames, and cost is very fair, esp on autos.  

#7965 - 54 cards- 39 w/sub, 15 w/o sub, bulk received at CSG March 24th.  Mainly Autos in this batch. Biggest thing I learned right off the bat with CSG, don't do split subs like this. 39 w/ sub grades, and 15 w/o both get hit for shipping. CSG splits these into to 2 different mailing, so I got hit with a $5 handling on both, and  return shipping was $94 total. $51 for those with subs, and $43 for those w/o sub grades. This order included those in my sub-group who didn't want to pay extra $10. Status- not even entered in system at CSG yet.

#2268- 55 cards- 55 w/ subs, bulk received at CSG March 29th. Bunch of Ohtani's. Also good chunk of Bowman Mega box stuff, since PSA is $25 per card for ultra-modern, decided to use CSG here. Shipping on this order was $70 insured return. Status- not even entered in system at CSG yet

#2674 52 cards, w/subs, bulk. Shipped out 3/31. Bunch of Auto cards. Using CSG over BGS and PSA on some of these Bowman 1st autos. Price wise, this to me is better deal. More Ohtani's, and Ultra modern cards. $70 shipping insured return. Status- in route to CSG

#8764 - 56 Bulk w/subs. Shipped out 3/31.  Jeter, Judge, Ohtani, Ultra-modern type cards. $70 shipping insured return.

Total invested in so far with CSG $4227.. 217 cards, avg $19.49 per card... Lots of autos, nothing super big. Want to see what return is on this batch, before I send in more. Plus another concern is with PSA down, there is high chance for delays. Status- in route to CSG

Curious to see others Journey with CSG. - KB

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